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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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Can I use my own destination port agent?
What kind of documents do you need to ship my car overseas?
How will I receive my documents for the car?
I am a citizen of the USA but I want to send my car to a different country, can I do that?
How can you send my car overseas?
How can I pay for the shipping now?
When the driver delivers my vehicle but I’m not at home, can someone else accept it instead of me?
Should I pay for the shipping to the driver directly or to BIDUX?
Can you deliver a vehicle that does not run or drive?
How long does it usually take for you to deliver my car within the U.S.?
What is included in the shipping quote?
How long does it take for the vehicle to arrive in my country?
Why are the prices in the online calculator different from your quotes?
How do you calculate quotes?
The vehicle was damaged during transportation. Who is responsible and what can be done?
Can you take pictures of my car when it is delivered to warehouse?
Why should I pay processing fees?
On arrival to warehouse the condition of my vehicle is different from that at the auction. What can be done?
What is a custom clearance broker?
What level of gas should be left in my tank?
Do I pay import duties and taxes?
Are you able to guarantee delivery dates?
Am I able to load my car with personal possessions?
Do you provide Marine insurance?
Can anybody other than the buyer pick up the vehicle at the destination port?
Will anybody assist me in receiving my vehicle?
What are port and clearance charges?
Who has to pay taxes and fees pertaining to a container which has been seized by the U.S. Customs Service?